Copyright has to be taken serious!

Just a short story about how I treat copyright-infringers!

Years ago a tele marketing company got hold of one of photos (color slide) that I shot in their company for another purpose and used it in a leaflet that was distributed by mail…snail-mail ;-)
I contacted the CEO at the company and asked if we could settle it for an amount of DKK 1.500. He refused completely and actually was laughing at me, and told me that we could meet in court if I wanted to.
I phoned my lawyer and told the story, and after he spoke with the CEO, who referred to his lawyer, and the lawyer, 4 days later I got my money. The company paid DKK 15.000 all in all of which I got 8.000.

The CEO must be happy, it didn´t end up in court.

This is just one of several stories I have about copyright.


P.S. This photo has nothing to do with this case :-)

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